Various: The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 48.

Various - The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 48. Edited by Flora Klickmann. RTS. Not dated, 1927? These annuals (up to vol. 51) should be regarded as a young woman's annual rather than a children's annual (but you already knew that, of course). 11" x 8¼", 704pp plus 3 plates (inc. the title-page), light greyish-green buckram, 7" x 5¾" colour illustration onlay on front board, decorative front-board boarder and spine design blocked in green, red and black; gold blocked spine lettering, hardback. Illustrated endpapers (monochrome toned). Contents: colour frontispiece Carnations and Picotees by Maude Angell; colour illustrated title-page with tissue-guard; Stuff o'Dreams by Lilian Bennet-Thompson and George Hubbard, illus. E. Baker and P. B. Hickling; Lilies for Every Garden by Julia B. Wells, illus. photos; Whispering Walls by Katharine Haviland Taylor, illus. photos; Anecdotage of Authors and Books by James Milne; Photographing Nightingales by G. Hearn, illus. photos; Due to Decorations; The New Raffia Work; Liberty Hall by Lily Watson; Home Mottoes by E. Ebard Rees; The King's Highland Home [Balmoral Castle] by Howard Hensman, illus. photos; Personalities, illus. photos; To a Bride by Fay Inchfawn, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; The Spiritual Life, illus. photos; The Editor's Page, illus. photos; Cherry Square by Grace S. Richmond, illus. L. Pern Bird; The Lady Opposite by Adeline Bramley, illus T. Peddie; Orachrd Days; Gas Gadgets by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Is Face Massage a Fraud?; Is Your House Equipment Up-to-date?; Decorate with Autumn Fruits; Using Autumn's Bounty; Chestnut Diswhes by C. J. Robertson; Making a Leather Coat; A Crochet Frock in Herring-bone-stitch; What Shall we Make of Life? by Lily Watson; Running the Home in Java by Gertrude Keen, illus. photos; A Literary Voyage with Some Recent Readable Books by James Milne; Beautiful Summer-houses, captioned photos; The Letter by John Inglishham, illus. Ernest Prater; Something New in Pincushions; A B.Sc. in Household Science becomes a Domestic Servant as an Experiment [Change Over!]; Pieces from a Patchwork Bag; Leafless Trees by Frank Garth; Give the Electric Iron Its Due by W. J. Sauders; Pencil-marked: On the Bookshelves of a Reading Girl; colour plate Marigolds by Maude Agnell; Binding your Own Books by Marjorie Smith; Book-binding as a Hobby by G. H. Grubb; When Your Car Goes Wrong; Older Women Speak [verse]; November Songs; Interesting to Women; That Elderly Spread!; The Dean's Gaiters; Game is at its Best in November; All Hallowe'en; Vegetable Soups and Sauces; Fairy-like Frills and Furbelows; Beautifying the Bedstead by Rosa Lee; When the Girls' CLub Slumps by jessie March; A Raffia Cameo Bag; A Wooly Outfit for Baby; Touring Shopland; Straight Cuts Simplify Dressmaking; Quick-way Embroidering; The S.O.S. A New 'Flower-Patch' Story by Flora Klickmann, illus. Anne Rochester and P. B. Hickling; Snow Pictures [2 photographs]; Christmas on the Lapland Frontier by A. C. Settergreen, illus. drawings and photos; Mr Lonely and Miss Lonely: A Christmas Love Story by Marjory Royce, illus. T. Peddie; When Johnny Comes Marching Home by Mary E. Tongue; Artistic China is always Acceptable, captioned photos; Her Christmas Gift by Margaret Morrison, illus. Ernest Prater; Longgellow's 'Wayside Inn', illus. photos; The Editor Answers; Christmas with the King and Queen by Howard Hensman, illus. photos; A Cottage Tea-Cosy in Raffia; A Bookman's Breviary by James Milne; The Stocking by Dorothy Kerkland, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Bunty's Christmas Eve by Fay Inchfawn, illus. Ernest Prater; Holy Ground by Mary E. Tongue; Lovers - in Heaven? by Fay Inchfawn; Old-World Sundials, illus. photos; Treasure Trove by L. G. Moberly, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; A White Night by Frank Garth; Scottish Scenery, captioned photos; Regarding our Parents by Lily Watson; My Home in Baluchistan by Cassandra Blair, illus. photos; Have You any Old Lace; Giving a Dance at a Hired Hall by C. J. Robertson; Grapes are Always Welcomed; Motering Tips for the Woman Novice by M. C. Smyth; Some Charming Entrance Halls, captioned photos; The Biggest Job in the World [managing homes] by Mrs Edison [wife of Thomas Edison]; The Great Men from Overseas; Interesting People; Daughters are Difficult by Ethel Earle, illus. P. B. Hickling; Merely Hobbies; Magpie Cottage, illus. P. B. Hickling; New Year's Eve on a Sunshine Island [Maderia] by Anne E. Hubbard, illus. photos; The Pageant of Books by James Milne; Cleopatra's Needles; The Coming of the Snowdrops; Some Good Idea Gadgets for Household Use; Caps for Shingled Hair; I Treble my Dress Allowance by Miss Trim; Knitted Spattees; The Sunshine of the Coltsfoot by Frank Garth; Carry Joy Home with You by Winifred S. Telford; Our Quest for Happiness by Lily Watson; The Light that Came by Norma Patterson, illus. L. Pern Bird; Curls versus Crops by A. Gardyne; And Frequently Both by Florence Ryerson, illus. P. B. Hickling; Wind and Water [verse]; People We Meet in Books by James Milne; The Land of the Tulip by M. W. Etty-Leal, illus. photos; Decorating for Warmth by Mrs Gordan-Stables; Don't Ignore this Question!; The Reaping Thereof by Isa Grieve; A Wool Frock for a Tiny Girl; A Sleeveless Cardigan in Cross-Stitch; Saved from the Scrap-heap by Helen E. Cross; Using up the Scraps; There's Something about a Smock; Oddments New and Useful; Furniture Making and Mending by Elisabeth Kyle; Home Utilities by W. J. Saunders; Stowing the Sewing; Biscuits and Meringues by Cora Hewett; Fish with a Difference; Daffodil Days by Frank Garth; Spring's Music; Leaves of Yesterday by James Milne; Age Wins by L. G. Moberly, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Reverence at Weddings by Mrs Coulson Kernahan; Do Not Under-estimate Home Environment by Lily Watson; A Little Matter of Investment by Alice Garland Steele, illus. T. Peddie; Women Students in Paris; Cousin Amelia by B. M. Taylor; Here and There; My First Drawing-room by Theodora Eyton-Jones, illus. photos; Individuality versus Benality by Margaret Mordexcai; A Raffia Bolster Bag; Squandering Energy; Shopping Round the World, illus. photos; Furnishing the Maid's Room by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Here are Novelties; A Dresser is a Sociable Thing, captioned photos; Miss Trim as Aunt; The Business-Woman's Home Cooking; Chese Dishes by Cora Hewett; Items you will Want to Make; Her Birthday by Ethel Earle, illus. Ernest Prater; The Passage of Pat by Rolf Bennett, illus. P. B. Hickling; The Question of a Career; New Heges, illus. captioned photos; All Service Ranks the Same with God by Lily Watson; New Wings by Katharine Haviland Taylor, illus. P. B. Hickling; Some Odd Uses for Cretonne; Comforts for Little Tots; Cross-stitch on a Cloth; Raffia Embroidered Bags; Miss Hope Funds a College; H.R.H. Princess Juliana by M. W. Etty-Leal, illus. photos; People and Books by James Milne; Between the Showers [verse]; Practical Blouses and Smocks; Picnics for the Easte Holidays by Elsa Courtlander; Bring the Garden Indoors, illus. photos; Vicarious Shopping; Modern Spring-cleaning; Studies in Modern Fireplaces, captioned photos; Some Cakes for Easter; When Cucumber and Asparagus are Plentiful; For the Easter Dinner; Bracken Turning Brown by Ethel Earle, illus. P. B. Hickling; The High-spirited Hat by Anne Pringle, illus. Anne Rochester; Sea Pictures [verse]; Fine Feathers Make Fine Flowers; Songs of May-Time [verse]; Her Dwelling-place by Mary Easton, illus. T. Peddie; Make Her a Suede Pochette; The Practical Girl by Lily Watson; Housekeeping in Tonga by Hazel Dayman Bristowe, illus. photos; A Boy Scout in Italy by Brian Kingslake, illus. photos; Glass Fakes by Ruby Sharpe; A Fashion Freak; Books for the General Reader by James Milne; Shopping as a Sport; For Summer Festivities [dress]; Making Parchment Lamp-shades by W. J. Saunders; The Newest Neckwear; Cross-stitch Frames; Concerning Lengthy Voyages; Vitamines in the Diet by C. J. Robertson; When Driving your Car; Conquering Heroes by G. H. Grubb, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Face Modelling by L. G. Moberly; Permanent Accessions by Sophie Kerr, illus. P. B. Hickling; When I'm Photographing Animals by Robert Reid, illus. photos; The Girl who Does Not Marry by Lily Watson; House-keeping in Bechuanaland by Mrs Elton Wilmot, illus. photos; The One-room Flat by Cora Hewett, illus. photos; Pansies for Profit and Pleasure by Dorothy Birks Ward, illus. photos; The Princes' New Home [Marlborough House] by Howard Hensman, illus. photos; An Oblong Pillow with a Fringe; Trees of Shell; June Breezes [verse]; The World at Large; Surprising the Eyes; A Motorist's Signalling; Tadpole-time by Fay Inchfawn; A Quiet Aspect of the Riviera by Else Courlander; A Knitted Bolero Jacket; What the New Books Say by James Milne; Handy for the House; Stripes Revers Ways; Make your own Bathing Dress; A Knitted Cardigan Coat; Make Cremes in Palce of Puddings; My Heavenly Lover's Jewellery by Margaret Field; Treasure Hid in a Field by W D. Bavin; On Falling in Love by Marjory Royce, illus. Anne Rochester; Running a Home in Fiji by Richenda Parham, illus. photos; Fairy Egg-shell Vaneer; The Diary of Diana by Dorothy Knight, illus. P. B. Hickling; Blekinge Stitchery; The Inspiring Force by Lily Watson; Where Flowers Change Names by Ella Winter; Books and Places by Frank Garth; Bags are Always Useful; A Round Pillow in Silk and Wool; A Handsome Hardanger Centerpiece; Three Corners in Czecho-Slovakian Embroidery; Sincerity in Speech by W. C. Buncher; The Way of Books by James Milne; A Book that is Always Selling [Pilgrim's Progress]; A Command to the Royal Garden Party by Mrs Massey Lyon, illus. photos; Independance Jane by Estelle Gwynne, illus. T. Peddie; Police Signals for Motorists; My Feet Get So Tired; Serving the Honourable Tea-Leaf by A. O. Stott; Savers of Time, Trouble and Expense; Flower Sachets; To Restore Oild Paintings; Summer Soups; His Peace which Passeth Understanding by Doris Canham; My First Practice by Norah J. E. Hartley, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Substance and Shadow by Eleanor Clare, illus. T. Murray; Elsie's Wedding by M. Eileen Ormsby, illus. P. Walford; Beautiful Lych-gates, captioned photos; Follow the Gleam by Lily Watson; Beach Work; If You Can't Go Away by Eveline Corot; Flowers and Tucks for Lingerie; A Day Nursery in France; When the Queen Pays a Visit by Mrs Massey Lyon, illus. phtos; The World's Most Exclusive Club [Royal Yacht Squadron] by Howard Hensman, illus. photos; The Charm of Reading by James Milne; The Weight of the Grasshopper; Summer in the Swiss Mountains; A Place of Escape by Frank Garth, illus. photos; Shopping Made Simple; Hot Weather Drinks; For Cool Summer Evenings; Index. Illustrated with two colour plates and colour title-page; and throughout with monochrome drawings and photographs. Endpapers slightly browned, very slight edge-foxing, exceptional conditon, complete with good wrapper that has a sunned and 'dusty' spine; edges 'dusty', panels slightly 'dusty', slight wear; also has original glassine wrapper liner. Wrappers for these books are very scarce; now in archival plastic wrap-round.


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